Gaby Waggoner

Hi, I'm Jean and I've been a professional horseman since 1973 but it all began in early childhood with a love and respect for horses. My first lessons were taken with the iconic Barbara Worth and I've spent a lifetime learning from professional horsemen, awesome horses, and world-class clinicians. I particularly enjoy teaching lessons and helping young riders develop the same appreciation for horses that I have.

Hi, my name is Gaby. I grew up riding at Gold Country and there is no place I'd rather be!

​Gold Country has a life and pulse of its own. A place you truly have to experience to feel its magic. Children are the heartbeat of this place. I love teaching kids to ride, but the life lessons they take away are worth much more than the fundamentals they build in the arena. Teamwork, discipline, commitment, hard work, love, joy, and patience are all the things you can expect to learn from the love of a horse.

Come on out and let's see if you are a good fit for this magical place of ours, I'd love to meet you!

Jean Grasse

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